Why you should Swap Your Body Lotion for a Dry Oil?

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When you are standing at the skin aisle of your local market you are no doubt swirling around the excessive skin products at your disposal. After a lot of confusion, scanning the items and many trials you will end up with a body lotion or a dry oil on the counter, ready for checkout. However, the question arrives, which one? Both, to an ordinary human being, might seem of equal use and benefit, but to a person who is obsessed with good skin, is not.

For these people, ‘they are the artists and skin their canvases’, they have this eye of capturing the raw beauty and displaying it for the world to admire. A product or choice that will enhance the unattainable glow on their skin, an everlasting touch of immortality on the edge of their palette that is their ultimate to-go. So what is the suitable product for you to get that baby smooth skin? The better answer to that is definitely dry oils.

Everywhere, nowadays, dry oils have been popping up. Be it a salon, spa, home, cosmetics store or even a small group of friends, having a reunion over hi-tea. Dry oils seem to be the talk of the town. What is exactly dry oil and how is it different than that of any regular skin oil? Well for starters let us say that the meaning of the word lies in its name. Dry oils have a great tendency to absorb in the skin, such as rosehip seed oil, primrose, sesame and avocado, are just a few to name. Although, the term might be a bit new, the concept has been there for ages in civilization. Dry oils are not only highly absorbent but once you apply them, they keep the water inside the pores of the skin locked. Your body needs to stay hydrated to prevent it from breakouts, and the sooner the oil sinks in the better for you.

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Your skin needs a moisturizer directly after a shower, so if you go for dry oils, your skin will accept it as soon as you apply it. You will not have to wait for the oil to completely dry off so you can wear your clothes or get the sweat off. As you age, the oil that your body produces starts to exhaust, your skin recognizes the dry oil as a natural element and lets it soak up in it. The fragrance of dry oils is compared to nothing. The scented aroma that the oil produces, it does not only keep your skin glowing but as you walk by anyone, the everlasting tang of that perfect pleasant sunflower will leave an impression on others. Dry oils restore the radiance and give an undying luminous glow to you. A therapeutic benefit that will also make your body relax, so dry oils are not just fancy oils that help your skin dazzle in the daylight but it carries many other valuable features.

On the other hand, you have body lotions, which are a mixture of oil and water. Body lotions have a range of flavors, like coconut, lavender, strawberry and many more. All have an amazing scent to it with a rich and creamy texture. The only thing that you might not know is that oil and water do not mix well on their own, to make them denser, wax is used. Wax can be harmful for the skin as it leads to clogged pores and breakouts. There are other ingredients present in the lotion which might not be beneficial for all the skin types. For a long time, various cosmetics and skin products, carry chemicals which are not favorable for any skin. They leave a permanent effect that might cause many skin problems. Dermatologist’s appointment and expensive products will turn towards natural remedies to heal the skin and prevent it from further damage. Dry oils compared to body lotions are all natural and the only harmful effect is that you cannot get enough of the glossy oil.  

Some of the well-known dry oils are Ahava-Dry Oil Body Mist, The Organic Pharmacy-Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil and The Rituals of Ayurveda Dry Oil. Ahava-Dry Oil Body Mist contains all natural Dunaliella algae sesame seed, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It has all the hydrating and nourishing properties and the Dunaliella algae, which is a unique plant effect the skin strengthening and anti-aging process. It will not only leave you with an everlasting creamy skin but also it will the turn back the clock. The Organic Pharmacy-Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil has coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. It is a lightweight formula which enhances the shine in the skin and the hair as well. The ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin. The Rituals of Ayurveda Oil carries ginger and cinnamon. This dry oil is great when you are tired and lack energy, once applied the blood flow and circulation will make the muscle nerves relaxed. Again a great formula that will make your skin sparkle like stars. All these and many more are amazing for your skin.

Keeping your skin healthy is not a joke anymore. With the fast pacing world, many new products have emerged out from nowhere. Many beauty gurus and social media is the real mentor that will give you options to try out. Body lotions are at a risk than dry oils. Nature is the best gift, people say this to make sure you benefit from it as much as you can. Dry oils will not disappoint with its results. The process of the skin healing, nourishing and moisturizing will take a long time to actually notice its effects but the wait might be just worth it. The glow, shine, and smoothness left afterward are to die for. So let your skin breathe the pure essence of nature within and experience the great results, when you sit by the window sipping on that hot cup of coffee on wintery days.

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