Symptoms of Too Much Salt in Your Diet

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A meal without salt is tasteless as salt is important for taste but taking too much salt is very harmful for our body. You have heard that too much salt can make blood pressure high and many other problems and these problems before coming give us some signs. In this article we are going you to tell about those symptoms of too much salt in your diet which later acts as a silent killer and these symptoms are ignored by mostly people. You can found excess sodium in foods which are packaged and canned or inside a box. So these should be avoided. If you are suffering from high blood pressure reduce amount of salt it will reduce your blood pressure in some weeks.

Some Symptoms of Too Much Salt in Your Diet:

  • Feeling Thirsty: Maintaining balance is very essential everywhere whether in life, ecosystem and it is same with our body. Salt is responsible for maintaining balance of water in our body. It is the first signal that your body gives if you are taking excessive salt. You have experienced many times a feeling to drink water after eating chips or food which has much salt.
  • Silent killer: If you are taking excess of salt or sodium then it also increases water in body in which blood is also present. The extra blood which is due to excess water makes pressure against walls of blood vessels and due to it blood pressure rises. This symptom is not easy to see but later it can also become a reason of death because later it can give your heart attack or stroke.
  • Kidney stone: Stone in kidney can give a severe pain. There are various causes of kidney stone but somewhere amount of sodium you are taking is also responsible for it. If the calcium amount is increases in our body and it became difficult for kidney to process it. Calcium is also produced to excess of sodium.
  • Feels bloated: Had you ever feel bloated or swollen in any part of body due to consuming excess salt. Taking excess salt in dinner can make you to feel like this in the morning. So to avoid bloating you have to avoid excessive salt from your diet.
  • Osteoporosis: Calcium is the nutrient which makes our bone healthy and increases their density and prevents us from bone diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Every time we perform urination, calcium also goes with it resulting in loss of calcium in our body so the body needs to take calcium from bones which lower the quality of bone and make them unhealthy which can lead to many bone diseases like osteoporosis.

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These are symptoms of too much salt in your diet which can lead to various problem like heart attack and osteoporosis too so when you notice any one of these symptoms you should take care of your sodium intake.

CONCLUSION: Salt which is essential to give taste to our food but can also become a reason of serious bone and health problem if taken is excess quantity so to avoid these problem you should take care of sodium quantity that you are taking in your diet.

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