How Does Alcohol Affect the Heart Rate?

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Consumption of alcohol which is considered not only bad by our society or socially but it can also cause many health problem not only to liver but to our heart also. You may be shocked after reading this that alcohol affects our heart also but it is true. We will tell you how does alcohol affect the heart rate? Drinking alcohol can affect our brain as it is a type of drug and drinking alcohol in large quantity also gives us difficulty in breathing.  Alcohol also takes lives of several individuals every year. If you drink alcohol you had experienced that over drinking sometimes slows your heart rate. This is the reason why you feel to sleep after alcohol consumption.

Some Ways in Which Alcohol Affect Our Heart Rate:

The normal heart beats about 60 to 100 times per minute.

  • High Blood Pressure: The vessels which carry blood become narrow due to over drinking alcohol and because of that your heart has to make more effort to move blood which leads to rise in blood pressure.
  • Strokes: High blood pressure, having improper heart beat are also some reasons of having stroke.   Over drinking alcohol can lead to these problems which can give you strokes.
    • As it increases level of bad cholesterol in body.
    • As strokes happens when there is not proper supply of blood to brain.
    • Arrhythmias: This is the other name for having irregular heartbeats. Drinking alcohol or having alcohol from a long period of time increases this risk. Arrhythmia is also a reason of stroke.
    • In some cases of arrhythmias heart beat gets too fast or too slow.
  • Heart Attack: As we had told you above that alcohol increases fat and bad cholesterol in body. This stops or makes it difficult to flow oxygen so heart is not able to receive sufficient oxygen and which can lead to heart attack.
  • Cardiomyopathy in which heart is not able to pump blood as efficiently as it should be. Over consumption of alcohol makes your heart muscles weak which can lead to failure of heart and to death.

So the above explained points tell you how does alcohol affect the heart rate?

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Some Other Effects of Alcohol to Our Body Are:

  • Drinking alcohol lowers your immunity to fight against diseases so you can catch various diseases like tuberculosis and cancer also.
  • Alcohol can take you in depression state. Alcohol first gives us pleasure but after long time drinking you need it more to get well and feels depressed.
  • Alcohol can also damage your digestive system and kidneys.
  • It can make you dependent. A time comes when you always need alcohol to be in good mood so you are always dependent on alcohol. In any situation you think alcohol is only a solution.

CONCLUSION: Alcohol which is a type of drug is very harmful not only to our heart but to our mind also. It can make us dependent and depressive. It can cause serious heart problems which can lead to death also. So you should stay away from alcohol consumption.

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