How is it Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

What Is Trichophytic Closure and How Is It Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

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The Trichophytic closure is an advanced way of closure technique is applied to close the wounded areas after the surgical incision, especially in the hair transplant procedure. This is the modern way of closing that camouflage the harvested areas in such a way that the patient gets the practically invisible scars even after the incision process. The Trichophytic closure is mainly applied in the FUT technique as it involves the incision step and one can get the most imperceptible scars due to overlapping closing fashion onto the wounded part of the scalp. The hair transplant is now not a pricey option and many of us go with the FUT technique due to its permanent outcomes and hence the hair transplant cost in India gives many benefits to its patients.

What is Trichophytic Closure?

The Trichophytic closure is a modern technique that makes the scars due to linear incision of the safe donor part of the scalp practically invisible in order to get a mega number of viable follicular units to fulfil the implantation job. The Trichophytic closure is done in such a way that the edges of the incision should be overlapped each other and makes the linear incision closed perfectly and leaves a practically invisible effect. The edges of the wound closed with an overlapping pattern so that the hair growth can be possible through the scars and it would be hard to distinguish that the areas are covered with normal hair or the transplanted one!

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The Application of the Trichophytic Closure: –

The Use of the Trichophytic Closure Is as Follows:

    1. In the FUT Technique: The Trichophytic closure is mainly applied in the FUT or the follicular unit transplant that is performed by taking out the strip of the skin from the DHT-resistant zone of the scalp. The FUT is the most permanent results giving technique as the roots are only excised via the strip followed by the dissection process under the higher magnifications.
    2. It Leaves Practically Invisible Scars: The trichophytic closure defined the FUT technique in an advanced way and now it is all possible to get a scarless hair transplant results with the FUT technique. The trichophytic closure is performed so nicely in order to camouflage the donor scars that allow the hair regrowth directly through the donor scar.
    3. Patients Who Have Had Previous Hair Transplants: Trichophytic closure with the FUT technique, especially allowed for the patients who have had the precious hair transplants and not satisfied with the last session as the scars are still appearing. Therefore, it is recommended to receive another session with the FUT and enjoy scarless results of the procedure. As a matter of fact, the FUE leaves many circular scars due to random punching processes, thus another session with the strip method of the surgery is a good decision in order to hide the transplanted scarring perfectly.
  • The Patient Can Wear Their Hair Short: Now, it is all possible to hide the linear donor scars with the modern trichophytic closure and thus a patient can wear their short. However, it has become an alternative to the FUE technique for the patients who want to wear a short hairstyle, i.e., 6-8 mm.

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In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant done with the FUT or the strip method of the surgery gives painless and scarless results if performed by the expert surgeon who is well-versed in doing the same by applying the advanced technique and the technology as well.

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