How is it Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

What Is Trichophytic Closure and How Is It Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

The Trichophytic closure is an advanced way of closure technique is applied to close the wounded areas after the surgical incision, especially in the hair transplant procedure. This is the modern way of closing that camouflage the harvested areas in such a way that the patient gets the practically invisible scars even after the incision […]

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How to Prevent Skin Rashes in Summer: – Prevent All Skin Issues Naturally

When summer season comes then it bring some creepy and bad disease which is not good for the health of the skin and that is like itching, rashes and some else. It feels like very annoy and disturbing most of the time. Prevent Skin Rashes in Summer Actually, main reason behind this issue is sweating. […]

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