How is it Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

What Is Trichophytic Closure and How Is It Applied in the Hair Transplant Procedure

The Trichophytic closure is an advanced way of closure technique is applied to close the wounded areas after the surgical incision, especially in the hair transplant procedure. This is the modern way of closing that camouflage the harvested areas in such a way that the patient gets the practically invisible scars even after the incision […]

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What Does DHT Do in the Hair Loss

The hair loss problem is primarily associated with the DHT-activity as it is responsible for the presence of the pattern baldness. The DHT or Di-hydro testosterone, a catalytic form of the hormone testosterone produced by the combination of the enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase and affects the hair growth predominantly. The DHT or Di-hydro testosterone is responsible for […]

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What Does Whooping Cough Sound like in Babies: – Everything About Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is like a bacterial infection that may leads to cause some cold kind of symptoms. It is also called pertussis. This infection may cause sticky and thickly mucus in the throat and its airway that can even hinder breathing. whooping cough sound like in babies especially occurs in babies because their lungs are […]

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Migraine Symptoms and Home Treatment: – Reduce Migraine Pain Easily

Migraine is not like a usual headache, it is more than common headache. The one who get experience of this migraine pain can give actually feel of that moment. It makes feel like nausea, having ponds of weight on brain and even sensitivity of light. Migraine Symptoms and Home Treatment creates tenseness even on the […]

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How to Prevent Skin Rashes in Summer: – Prevent All Skin Issues Naturally

When summer season comes then it bring some creepy and bad disease which is not good for the health of the skin and that is like itching, rashes and some else. It feels like very annoy and disturbing most of the time. Prevent Skin Rashes in Summer Actually, main reason behind this issue is sweating. […]

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