Urine Infection Symptoms and Treatment

There are various microbes which can only be seen by microscope not with naked eye. These microbes are responsible for various infections and one such type of infection is urinary tract infection. These are one of the most happening infections in humans. Kidneys, urethra and bladder all these made our urinary tract. To treat these […]


How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally Without Surgery

Do you ever suffered from kidney stone? If your answer is yes then you know that how much is that pain which cannot be explained in words. Kidneys are very important organ of our body which helps in removing waste from our body. Sometimes these wastes get collected and form a small stone or mass […]



What Does Whooping Cough Sound like in Babies: – Everything About Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is like a bacterial infection that may leads to cause some cold kind of symptoms. It is also called pertussis. This infection may cause sticky and thickly mucus in the throat and its airway that can even hinder breathing. whooping cough sound like in babies especially occurs in babies because their lungs are […]


Symptoms of Too Much Salt in Your Diet

A meal without salt is tasteless as salt is important for taste but taking too much salt is very harmful for our body. You have heard that too much salt can make blood pressure high and many other problems and these problems before coming give us some signs. In this article we are going you […]


Home Remedies for Dry Cough in Pregnancy: – Easy Treatment and Prevention

When any lady gets pregnant then her body tends to weak and weak because of their weak immune system. Weak immune system is not able to combat with the viral disease that leads to bring dry cough during the cough in pregnancy. The main problem is this that you can trap in this for longer […]



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